3 Steps to Better Photographs – LIVE! 

Make your photography Click with my new taster session, 3 Steps to Better Photographs!

If you’re a photography enthusiast or if you’ve ever considered taking one of my workshops or tours then this free taster session is for you…

You’ll spend the evening in the company of likeminded photography enthusiasts and I’ll give a short ‘3 Steps to Better Photographs’ talk. There will also be a photography Q&A session and you’ll have the chance to win a beautiful signed print in our exclusive, free prize draw.

These events are hosted in at local, independent coffee shops where you’ll receive a warm welcome and have the opportunity to support a local business. Admission is free but places are limited so please register for your ticket for the next upcoming event at Eventbrite – link below.

Camera Clubs

I’ve done an increasing number of talks in the last couple of years at camera clubs and other venues. Contact me if you’d like to make a booking. The following presentations are currently available:

Traveling Light. This talk is about my work as a commercial photographer focusing on my use of Speedlights. The talk includes an interactive demonstration where I’ll show your group how i go about setting up a portrait using speedlights.

3 Steps to Better Photographs. Looking at a cross-section of my work I’ll break down my approach to photography into 3 key things you can apply to help you on your photographic journey.

Make it Click. Looking at a broad cross-section of my work from corporate to landscapes to wildlife to dace photography I’ll join the dots to reveal my number 1 key to better photography.